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Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

 Meetings are held on Thursday mornings
 7:30 AM - Foxcroft Academy Student Center

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2015-2016 Foxcroft Academy Key Club

The Foxcroft Academy Key Club students are busier than ever this Christmas season.  

George Rolleston, Advisor and several FA Key Club students attend our meetings and report on what they are doing to contribute to our community.

Last week they worked at the Center Theatre, shopped for Christmas presents for needy children and families for the Kiwanis Christmas Program, wrapped Christmas presents, worked at the Congregational Church carrying bags of presents for the Kiwanis Christmas Project, had 23 volunteers work at the Reindeer Run which raised $600, and worked at the Hometown Holidays Christmas event.

The Club even had time to clean the trophy case, work at two swim meet events at the PRYMCA, and help with the Backpack Program at SeDoMoCha, as well as participating in the Lt. Governor's election at Foxcroft Academy!!

Thank You FA Key Club!

FA Key Club Bulletin, Volume 1 Issue 1, submitted by Bulletin Editor-Jenna Clukey, is filled with 6 pages of NEWS. The first 2015-2016 Bulletin includes news and photos from DECON, Upcoming Events, Eliminate Week, Trivia, and much more! We do believe in the 'Note from the Editor' mentioning this Key Club year will be one for the record books.  Very well done!

FA KEY CLUB BULLETIN - VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1- Bulletin Editor-Jenna Clukey

2014-2015 Foxcroft Academy Key Club


 The 3rd Annual Reindeer Run nets $1,100

The 3rd Annual Reindeer Run is a Division 2 Key Club Project and all six Key Clubs
(Foxcroft Academy, Greenville Highs School, Dexter Regional High School, Nokomis High School, Piscataquis Community High School and Penquis Valley High School) were all represented and raised the funds for their Community Christmas Projects.
There were 28 runners and over 40 walkers.

Camille Bozelli, Crystal Macomber, Elizabeth Morrison (Team Leader)

(photos contributed by Tom Gerrish)

Foxcroft Academy Key Club says THANK YOU to Kiwanis Club of Dover-Foxcroft,
 their Club Advisor George Rolleston, and all who have supported their Club.

Madison Fadley - Treasurer, Elizabeth Morrison - LTG, Crystal Macomber - Historian,
Nathanael Feleke - President, Camille Bozzelli - Secretary

(Tom Gerrish photo)

2013-2014 Foxcroft Academy Key Club

You are Invited! 
What: Officers Council Meeting
When: Sunday, September 21st 
Time: 2:00pm 
Where: Foxcroft Academy 
Or (207)944-5672
We would like to formally invite you to an Officers Council Meeting. This meeting will serve to inform all division one and two officers of their duties and club members about opportunities and responsibilities. It will be a time to get to know one another and to form collaborative relationships and friendships. Food, games and fun will be provided. 
We hope to see you there. 
Yours in service,
Elizabeth Morrison                                   Read My September NewsLetter Attached here!

reflects on four great years at FA
Arnold Shorey, Head of School congratulates Selina Guo
June 16, 2014

Selina Guo, a boarding student from Shenzhen, China, is a member of the outstanding Class of 2014. She was one of eight boarding students from her class to spend four full years at Foxcroft Academy. While at FA, Selina served as president of Key Club, captained the cheering team, was a member of the National Honor Society and tennis team, earned a Rose Award, and became an accomplished filmmaker. She was also secretary of Student Council her junior year and sang for the Select Choir for three years. Selina will attend Wake Forest University and plans to pursue a career in dentistry.

Read more about Selina on the FA Website                       

Arnold Shorey, Head of School congratulates Sam Keane

Foxcroft Academy
Sam Keane
writes about how KEY CLUB has changed the course of his senior year and influenced his college decision -
Read his blog post here.
Sam and friends at Kiwanis Park
earning community service hours
during his Freshman year
at Foxcroft Academy.   



                                     30 HOUR FAMINE - By Elizabeth Morrison

On March 28th about 50 Foxcroft Academy Key Clubbers awoke and without
breakfast went to school; without lunch the went to sports practice, music
lessons and play practice then without dinner they returned to Foxcroft to
perform community service. From 4:30pm until 9:00pm the hungry students
swept the stairs, washed white boards, set up chairs for an upcoming
concert, made posters and washed buses. Overall participants accumulated
over 160 hours of service cleaning and improving the school and in pledges
raised over $1,300 which will be donated to the children's charities. Through
this event much time was given to the school and money to charity, but
furthermore the children who participated gained a sense of awareness. They
learned what is was like to be hungry, the severity of fatigue and nausea 30
hours without food brings. It was a humbling, yet inspiring event that will
become a tradition for FA key club members.

FA Key Club attends Kiwanis Meeting on March 25th talking about their plans for  "30 hour fast" in a quest for fighting famine. 

So what exactly are the rules? - by Selina Guo
1: Everyone is encouraged to raise or donate $25 or more. (trying to raise over $1500 for DCON)
2: You are not allowed to eat during 30 hours except the followings:
popsicles, jello, and CLEAR fluids such as water, tea with no sugar/milk. NO MILK!
3: Stay Hydrated, and be healthy
4: Stay after school Friday March 28th at the Student Center for school projects and other fun activities.
Why are we starving ourselves for Community Service Hours??
This event is to bring awareness towards children (in countries such as Syria) who have no food or shelter.
We want YOU to get a taste of what their lives are like.
It is the most important project that we are participating now.
It is really FUN!!!
It can help us to raise money for DCON.
It can give you 30 hours of CSH
But first.. why are we doing this...?
If 30 hours is already too much, can you even imagine yourself having no food for days? Not even Popsicles?
Where will the money go?
All the money will go to Camp Sunshine, KPTI and COPI at Dcon
Last year we donated $2000 Dollars and received 2 plaques!!
Seniors who want to wear the Key Club Medallion at graduation will need to be a member of good standing (50hr.) This can help you get your hours.
Anyone who have special requirements that affect you, please let Mr. R know ASAP.
Starts: 12:00am Friday morning
Ends: 6:00am Saturday morningFriday March 28th
5:00pm : meet at student center and start doing school projects. (need ideas)
8:00-8:30pm : meeting
Afterward, there will be activities until 10:00-11:00pm.
You can sleepover at member's homes/dorms for the rest of the night.
Remember, no eating during these 30 hours.

Visit the Foxcroft Academy official website to see other accomplishments of our hometown Key Club.

Key Club members enjoy volunteering at the Annual Kiwanis Club Christmas Project

Foxcroft Academy Key Club
President Selina Guo 
Key Clubber of Month Certificates 
for September and October
to Gabe Piquette and Allan Yu

Foxcroft Academy Key Club
shares upcoming events at
Kiwanis Meeting on October 29th


Foxcroft Academy Key Club  Collecting for UNICEF

New England and Bermuda District Division 2
Lt. Governor Peter Bosse in attendance at Kiwanis Club Meeting October 8, 2013




2012-2013 Foxcroft Academy Key Club

Kiwanis Club spreads holiday cheer, unites community

Click here to read news article by Fern Morrison, FA Key Club