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Kiwanis Club sponsors Pizza Party

Annual Girl Scouts Presentation Awards at SeDoMoCha 
September 18 2014
Grace and Tim Hague, Kiwanis Club members, attend the Girl Scouts Annual Presentation of Awards

Speakers at the Kiwanis Club meeting on January 21, 2014 were Martha Ladd and Melody Carlson from the Girl Scouts.

Their Troop has three groups for a total of 21 scouts and three leaders that also include Rebecca Casey. The Troop meets at SeDoMoCha every Thursday from 3:00 P.M. to 4:15 P.M. These leaders have all served as Girl Scouts before becoming Leaders. They explained the various levels of Scouts based upon ages and they described the detailed list of events and work performed by this Troop.
There is extensive and on-going training for leaders.
Also this time of year involves the sale of GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!

Thank you for a fact-filled presentation by these two volunteer leaders in our community.