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On May 26, the 46th annual Piscataquis River Race “finally” happened....

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Sprucing Up
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Sprucing up...
Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanians took advantage of the beautiful weekend...

Sprucing Up
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Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanians took advantage of the beautiful weekend weather to...

Sprucing Up
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Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanians took advantage of the beautiful weekend weather to...

Sprucing Up
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Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanians took advantage of the beautiful weekend weather to...

Website Challenge Question of the Week
We are pleased to announce the
              Grand Prize Drawing Winner
       Website Challenge Question of the Week:
          Congratulations to TOM GERRISH!!

Tom's name was drawn by Harold (Doc) Sherman at the Annual Winter Social held on February 11th  at the Bear's Den.  Tom's chances were very good as he had 20 entries out of 85 possible winners in the basket!!
Tom answered 14 out of the 15 questions, and was the first to answer AND won the title of Website Challenge Kiwanian of the Week three different times!


Congratulations to our Number 1 winner!!

 The Website Challenge Contest was held from October 22, 2013 to February 3, 2014.
See bottom of this page for more information.  Thank you for your participation!

Question #15 (Jan. 28-Feb. 3)
a) In a news article written by Elizabeth (Fern) Morrison,
FA Key Club, "How many pieces of bacon were served at the 17th Annual Maple Sunday Breakfast in 2013?
b) Where did you find the answer on our website?
(Answer: 3,300 pieces of bacon!  The answer is found on the Menu under News Stories or FA Key Club.)
Congratulations to Beth Engdahl!
You were the first to answer Question #15.

Others who answered Question #15:  Tom Gerrish, Lydia Richard and George Barton

Thank you for participating in the Website Challenge!


Question #14 (Jan. 21-27)

a) In Kiwanis Park, where was the Gazebo and Bandstand initially located?
b) Where did you find the answer on our website?
(Answer:  "what is now the right field of the little league field" built in 1989, moved 2005-06).  You can find the answer under Kiwanis Park on the Menu - History of the Kiwanis Park in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, by Dr. David McDermott.
Congratulations to Tom Gerrish!!
You are a third-time FIRST PLACE WINNER!!
And once again given the title of
Others who answered Question #14:  Judy Raymond
(We apologize for Website Difficulties during this week)

Question #13 (Jan. 14-20)

Raffle tickets are on sale now for heating oil donated by local oil/petroleum companies. Winners will be drawn at the Winter Social February 11th.  What are the other three raffle fundraisers held during the year by our club? (Answer:  River Race – Gas Cards Raffle, Auction – 50/50 Raffle, and Division 2 Lt. Gov. choice.  The answer can be found under Annual Raffles on the Menu)

Congratulations to Judy Raymond!

You have earned the title of
for the 2nd time!
Others who answered Question#13: 
Michelle Patterson, Jan Barton,
                         Tom Gerrish, Beth Engdahl

Question #12 (Jan. 7-13, 2014)

In a Social Winter Activity held in 2008, where was the Kiwanis Family Sledding Party Held? (Answer:  Moore Hill - Answer can be found under 75th Celebration on the Menu,  Part V-Some Social Activities)

               Congratulations to Jan Barton!


Thank you for participating

in the Website Challenge.

Others who answered Question12:

Judy Raymond, Paul Raymond, Tom Gerrish, Arnold Shorey

Please check back for more information soon.

Question #11 (Dec 31, 2013 - Jan 6, 2014)


In 2013, The Annual Winter Social was hosted by the Mid-Maine Aktion Club.  Who were the three winners of the "Keep Me Warm Raffle"? (Correct answer: John Nichols, Carlie Davis, and Beth Engdahl)

Arnold Shorey

Congratulations Arnold!  You are a second time winner( Question #1 and Question #11) in the Website Challenge. 

You are again given the title of:


Michelle Patterson was a close 2nd at 11:29 PM on January 2nd, answering only a few minutes after Arnold.  Others who answered on January 3rd - Judy Raymond, Marilyn Hartford, Barb Austin, Lydia Richard, and Tom Gerrish! 

We are counting down - only 34 days until the Annual Winter Social, so your chances get better to win the GRAND PRIZE every time you answer one of our Website Challenge Questions!


Question #10 (Dec 24-30)

In celebration of our 75th year as Kiwanis Club of Dover-Foxcroft:

When was the first "Variety Show" Fundraiser held by our club at Central Hall?  (Correct answer:  April 1938)

Rita Page

Congratulations Rita!  You were the first to answer Question #10 and have earned the title of WEBSITE KIWANIAN OF THE WEEK!

         Rita has been a member of the Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanis for over 8 years and is our Immediate Past President.   Rita is a co-chair of our Christmas Project, chairs the Blood Drive in August, takes responsibility for the Book Barn at our Annual Auction, and is involved in nearly every project or fundraiser the club undertakes (if she is in the country!).   Rita is literally a world traveler and has not missed a NE Convention or Kiwanis International convention since she has been a member.  She works with the Red Cross in disaster situations and is a true advocate for anyone or anything in distress....a valuable asset to the Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanis Club and the Kiwanis family worldwide.

Thanks also go out to the following who jumped into the challenge and answered our question correctly.  Your names will all go into the "hat" for a chance at the grand prize drawing in February:  Judy Raymond (from Virginia), Barb Austin (from Ohio) and Tom Gerrish (from Sebec Lake). 


Question #9 (Dec 17-23)

What SLP "adopted a child" and went on a shopping trip during the 2012 Kiwanis Christmas Project? Extra Credit: Can you name the club members in the vehicle? 

(Correct answer: The Mid-Maine Aktion Club (Extra credit: Deb Somers, Doris Morse, Woody Woodworth, Lydia Richard, Rene Coffin, Brian Woodworth and Cindy Woodworth)

Tom Gerrish

Tom was the first to answer once again!!  Congratulations on being the WEBSITE KIWANIAN OF THE WEEK for the second time!  Tom has been our most faithful Website Challenge follower and anyone who has "beat him to the punch" in answering the question of the week first should feel very proud.  Tom has been our photographer on the spot and many of the website pictures were taken by Tom.   Thank you Tom for your support and continuing interest in the website.   Tom has been involved in Kiwanis service for over 38 years serving in the Westbrook Club, Orono-Old Town, and in Dover-Foxcroft for the past 22 years.  We are very fortunate to have someone of Tom's dedication involved in our club.

Lydia Richard, Mid-Maine Aktion Club President, was a close 2nd.  Extra credit goes to Lydia Richard, Barb Austin, Judy Raymond for answering the bonus question this week - and many thanks to Selina Guo, and new contestant George Rolleston, Key Club Advisor.   Thank you one and all!!!!

Question #8 (Dec. 10-16)

How many families were provided with gifts, coats, boots, hats, sneakers and a Christmas turkey dinner during the Annual Kiwanis Christmas Project in 2012? (correct answer: 68 families)

Michelle Patterson

Michelle was the first of 12 to answer Question #8 and is our newest WEBSITE KIWANIAN OF THE WEEK!Congratulations Michelle and thank you for participating.  We have a gift waiting for you!

Michelle is one of the newest members of the Dover-Foxcroft  Kiwanis Club, but she is not new to Kiwanis service.  She was a former member of the Guilford Kiwanis for many years, and she is very supportive of Kiwanis projects.  She is especially interested in support of Key Club and their activities.  Her son Delan was the former President of PCHS Key Club and obviously received his drive and love of public service from his Mom.  Thank you, Michelle, for participating in our contest and for all you do in the name of Kiwanis.

There were 11 other participants who joined in the fun for Week 8 including 3 FA Key Club members, 1 Builders Club, and several members.   Eight of these 11 additional members answered in rapid fashion within 1-2 minutes of each other - a very fun and aggressive week.   The following are the participants other than Michelle who joined in:

Starting at 6:46a.m. - 9:41a.m. - Barb Austin, Marilyn Hartford, Jan Barton, Selina Guo, Paul Raymond, Tom Gerrish, Phong Dang (Fia), and Fern Morrison - and following right along with Kiwanis spirit: Judy Raymond, Andy Hinkley, and Lindsey Zimmerman.

Thank you one and all - your names have been all entered into our Grand Prize Drawing for Feb. 11, 2014!

 Merry Christmas from the Website Committee!!!

Question #7 (Dec. 3-9)

What day in December 2012 did Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanis members join the PCHS Key Club at their Christmas Party? (correct answer: Dec. 19th)

Paul Raymond

Past Treasurer of the Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanis Club, and Legion of Honor recipient, was the first to answer Question #7.  Paul is very involved in all of the DF Kiwanis activities including the Thayer Parkway Harvest Dinner, Christmas Project, Canoe Race, Piscataquis Heritage Hot Air Balloon Festival, Whoopie Pie, and spends many backbreaking hours assisting with the pickups for the Kiwanis Auction -not to mention working all three days of the Auction lugging purchased items and selling and maintaining the Raffle Tickets.   Paul is very much appreciated - and now his newest involvement has earned him Website Kiwanian of the Week!  Paul won a Kiwanis brand sleeve for his cup of coffee - or ice tea while in Florida this winter.   Additionally he will be sporting a new Kiwanis patch on his favorite shirt or golf bag. Congratulations and Thank you Paul!!

Others to answer this question#7:  Tom Gerrish, Judy Raymond, Marilyn Hartford, and Selina Guo (FA Key Club)!  Thank you all for participating!

Question #6: (Nov. 26 - Dec. 2)

Who wrote the article: "Kiwanis Club spreads Holiday Cheer, Unites Community?"  (Answer:  Fern Morrison, FA Key Club)

This week, the first to answer was Lori Sharrow.  

We have been trying to find her, to let her know she is the winner (our first "Mystery Voter"!) Lori, we wish to invite you to our next meeting and present you a gift!  Thank you for your interest and support of the Website Challenge!

AND, thank you again, Tom Gerrish for answering this question#6 correctly!! 

Question #5: (Nov 19 - Nov. 25)
 "What can you find on our website that you can be thankful for"?

Judy Raymond

Judy was the first to answer our question#5, she received a Kiwanis stick pin to wear proudly -and her answer was: "We should be thankful for Cindy who works so hard behind the scenes to maintain and update our website. She does a super job!"   

Judy has been a member for 16 years, and is a vital part of most committees especially the Harvest Dinner at Thayer Parkway, Christmas Project, Piscataquis Canoe River Race, Piscataquis Heitage Hot Air Balloon Festival, Whoopie Pie Festival, and Chairman of the Annual Auction Cashiers.  She is also our seamstress "in-house" and keeps all of our banners updated with newest badges and awards.

Tom Gerrish

We can depend on Tom to keep an eye on our website every day and week and be one of the first to check out the Website Challenge Question.  Tom's answer to our Question #5 was: "I am thankful for our (Dover-Foxcroft) Kiwanis Club once again taking the lead role in the "annual Kiwanis Community Christmas Program".  
Tom Gerrish has been a member of the Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanis Club for 22 years since 1991 and prior to that served an additional 16 years in Kiwanis - first as a member of the WestBrook Kiwanis Club (3 years) and then as a member and Past President of the Orono-Old Town Kiwanis (13 years).  Tom has served Kiwanis for a total of 38 years!   Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanis Committees: House, Website and Marketing, Publicity, Annual Piscataquis  River  Race, Annual Auction (General).  As part of the Marketing committee, Tom is our on-the-spot photographer and keeps every event up to date with excellent photos.

Question#4 (Nov. 12-19)...The Aktion Club of Mid-Maine is sponsoring their next awesome fundraiser on Nov. 22nd - a movie night at Morton Avenue at 5:30p.m.  We hope you will all support this fundraiser.  Question is "what was the name of their very first fundraiser as shown on our website?"   Good Luck.....Get Set - 1,2,3 ...GO!!!  (Kudos to the two members who have already looked for this question and found it "not posted yet".  You passed first test!!!!)
Lydia Richard was the first to fully answer the question correctly.  Lydia is President of the Aktion Club which was Chartered in August 2012.  Lydia was recently presented with the prestigious Maine StateWide Advocacy Program  Award on October 19, 2013.  The Kiwanis Club of Dover-Foxcroft is very proud of Lydia for her leadership abilities and for all of her accomplishments.
Answer:  "Jammin For Aktion"
Will Wedge and Jan Barton were recognized for cracking the website committee code and receiving the "I Tried To Answer Your Question But You Wouldn't Let Me" Award!  Congratulations to both Will and Jan - 6:07a.m. and 6:35a.m.  And also kudos to our website challenger frontrunner Tom Gerrish for answering our challenge question #4.  Thank you Tom for your continuing support!
Question#3 (Nov. 5-11)"What is the most interesting item you have found on this website?"

Answer:  This answer could be anything that a member found wrong answer. 


Tom Gerrish was the first to answer this question.  Tom is our Website Kiwanian of the week ending Nov. 11, 2013 and was recognized and awarded a "special gift" at our meeting on November 12, 2013.

Tom Gerrish has been a member of the Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanis Club for 22 years since 1991 and previous to that he served for a total of 16 years first as a member of the WestBrook Kiwanis Club (3 years) and then for 13-years of the Orono-Old Town Kiwanis.  While a member of the Orono-Old Town Kiwanis he had the pleasure of serving as their President.  Tom has served Kiwanis for 38 total years.  Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanis Committees: House, Website and Marketing, Publicity, Annual Piscataquis  River  Race, Annual Auction (General) 2013.Tom's answer was: "...that it was difficult to name just one item ...because there have been numerous ones....but in the interest of playing the game he will cite the material in the and the Town Manager's presentation on the Riverfront Redevelopment project.                            
Question 3 (Other responders include: Jan Barton, Barbara Austin, and Arnold Shorey)
Jan and Barbara cited that they found the Website Calendar of Event  may not be the most interesting but the most informative; Arnold stated that PLG Bob Moore receiving the Distinguished District Award was most interesting

Thank you Tom, Jan, Barbara A, and Arnold!!  Your names will all be included in the drawing to be held at the Winter Social in February 2014.


Question#2 (Oct.. 29-Nov. 4)  "Who is the 3rd Board of Director named on the main page who's term expires in 2016?"
Answer:  Dr. Harold (Doc) Sherman


Dr. David McDermott answered correctly at Tuesday's meeting at 6:48 PM!
Dr. Dave's special gift is waiting to be awarded.
Dave has been a member for 20 YEARS - since November 2, 1993!

Kiwanis Committees:  Nominating, Human and Spiritual Values, Annual Piscataquis River Race, Annual Auction General Committee

 Thank you Dave.  Your name will be included in the drawing to be held at the Winter Social in February 2014.
Question#1 (Oct. .22- Oct. 28)  "How many items are currently listed on our website menu?"
Answer:  24

Arnold Shorey was the first to answer correctly and was awarded a personalized bottle of Bob's Sugarhouse Maine Maple Syrup.
Arnold is a new member this year.  

Kiwanis Committees: By-Laws/Policies & Risk Management, Community Assessment, Annual Piscataquis River Race, Annual Auction General Committee   

Question #1 (other responders) - Tom Gerrish - A  'close second ' 
Tom  has been a member of the Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanis for 22 years since 1991 and served for a total of 16 years first as a member of the WestBrook Kiwanis (3 yrs) and then a long-time member of the Orono-Old Town Kiwanis Club (13 yrs).  While a member of the Orono-Old Town Kiwanis, he had the pleasure of  serving as their President.   Tom has served Kiwanis for a total of 38 years.

 Thank you, Arnold and Tom.  Both of your names will be included in the drawing to be held at the Winter Social in February 2014.

The Website Challenge "Question of the Week" Contest
was held for 15 weeks from October 22, 2013 to February 3, 2014.
The weekly winner received the title of Website Kiwanian of the Week and a special gift at the next week's meeting. The first to answer correctly was the winner.
Any others who answered were listed listed in the Website Corner.  All participants who answered were entered in the
Grand Prize Drawing held at the Annual Winter Social in February.  Any answer, correct or incorrect, was entered in the drawing and answers were accepted during the entire week. Other Kiwanis Clubs or interested readers were encouraged to participate in the Website Challenge.
THANK YOU to all participants for supporting your Kiwanis Website!
You may email questions or comments about this contest to: 
Barbara Moore -  or
Cindy Woodworth -

Our Website Mission Statement
"To provide a resource for our club members to stay connected to Kiwanis on local, district and international levels, and to make notice of accomplishments as we serve the children in our community and the world."